Holistic solutions to environmental issues

In an ongoing effort to look at sustainable and holistic solutions to problems in the developing world, The Reckoning is beginning to address issues surrounding waste, deforestation, and fuel consumption. These problems along with their solutions have a symbiotic relationship. Please look at Forest of Hope and Waste Management for more detail.

Most people in the developing world use open wood fires for cooking and heating. An ongoing need, then, is finding something to burn. In these countries, roughly 85% of the fuel used is wood. Exploding populations, limited resources, and lack of foresight have caused massive deforestation throughout the African continent. An overdependence on this fuel is creating devastating consequences. Non-timber fuel sources must be explored.

A thriving business has long been the sale of charcoal

We are hoping to reduce some of the need for firewood and charcoal by producing biomass briquettes. Bio-waste like sawdust, grass clippings, and paper can be used to create a green fuel alternative that burns extra long and hot.

These materials are shredded, mixed with water, compressed into donut-shaped briquettes, and cooked in the sun. The resulting product is a dried brick that can be burned just like wood.

A number of Reckoning small businesses provide a steady stream of bio-waste; sawdust from carpenters, green byproducts from agriculture, and additional materials from our Waste Management business.

In addition to this concerted recycling effort and reducing dependence on wood, we are also committed to planting trees. Lots of them. All over Africa. And it’s catching on. Please see Forest of Hope.

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TRI is continually trying to overcome the challenges to make the biomass project viable.


Fuel briquettes produced from bio-waste offer one green alternative to the depletion of Africa's timber resources.

A simple hand press transforms combustible trash into fuel briquettes, used in place of wood or charcoal for cooking and heating.