"I have worked with many non-profit organizations in the humanitarian field over the years… but The Reckoning is the only one I personally and financially support.  There is a solution to poverty and The Reckoning is taking it head on and breaking new ground.  This is a long term solution worth getting behind."

Darin Martin - Vice President: Charity Services International


"The Reckoning has a unique approach to development.  It is sustainable and seeks to restore and constantly boost the dignity of the poorest of the poor."

Captain Ely Aluvale - M.D. JetLink Express, Kenya


"We cannot eradicate poverty.  Only the poor can eradicate poverty.  Our good intentions are not enough. Even if we “teach fishing rather than just giving fish” we usually fail because we "givers" keep our superior position.  In contrast, The Reckoning works from a subordinate position, which permits the seeds of creativity and self reliance to flourish.  The receivers eradicate their own poverty.  I call that freedom!  And this is why I support The Reckoning. "
Ellis Miller - Founder: Pleasant Wealth Associates


"Having experienced The Reckoning and see it develop over time, it is safe to say that the poorest of the poor have a well thought out structure that will enable them to transform their lives, defeat poverty and empower others living in hopeless poverty to escape it as well."

Laban Mulehi - Chairman: Kenyan Sugar Board


"The Reckoning supplies common sense solutions to chronic real-world problems that actually work.  In doing so they are very careful with their funding and see their management of donor funds as a responsibility given to them by God.  The future is brighter than ever…"

Pat Culpepper - President: Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc.


"When I heard about what The Reckoning was doing in Nepal through the buying of slaves, then setting them free and giving them crops and land, I became undone.  This was one of the most ingenious, kingdom ideas I had ever heard of.  Along with tears flowing down my cheeks, my heart was split wide open with inspiration to believe and reach for something greater than I had been involved with to date.  That inspiration blasted open the door of impossibility for me, providing a way to think and believe much larger.  As a result, we have now provided 105 water sources in rural Africa, and clean drinking water for over 75,000 people daily.  I not only am thankful for The Reckoning and their bold actions to change the world, but also thankful for opening up a new pathways and inspiration for people like me to believe for much greater and do things we never thought possible in the world." 

Matt Peterson - Founder: ZAO Water


"The work which The Reckoning is doing in East Africa is significant, in that it permanently changes lives by helping to create livelihoods which are sustained with knowledge and inputs which are able to be transferred to others in need."

Chris Wulliman - Regional Program Manager: Aecom International, Sudan


"The Reckoning has initiated effective development in Africa and around the globe. I've personally observed the positive spiritual, social, and financial transformation of lives and communities thanks to their strategic investment of resources combined with Christ-like leadership. The world is a brighter place thanks to work of The Reckoning."

Fred Reikowsky - U. S. Director: Impact Middle East


"The poor have sought for help and charity… and for far too long the resulting effect can only be referred to as The Tragedy of Good Intentions. How refreshing to see The Reckoning faithfully use donations to give the poorest in our country sustainable opportunities."

Bishop Adoyo - Pastor: Nairobi Pentecostal Church


Who Do We Help?


Boniface runs a small poultry business in Western Kenya. Before he worked with The Reckoning, his business was struggling to survive and taking care of his family was a daily challenge. Boniface received wise business counsel, training, and a small loan. His business is now profitable, he supplies poultry to seven local restaurants, and has repaid his loan in full.

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