Lives changed



Meet Cilla

Cilla lives in a rural and impoverished area where subsistence living is the best many can hope for. She was struggling to provide for herself and her children. Cilla is HIV positive and could not afford the medication needed to assist her in her fight.

Like many others in that part of the country, Cilla was able to receive a small loan from The Reckoning to help run her own business. She borrowed thirty dollars. With that capital, Cilla has been able to start a small farm and run a successful produce store. Her children are provided for and she's fighting her diseases. She is full of passion, gratitude, and life. There is hope, purpose, and love in her eyes. A few minutes with Cilla would cause you to reconsider a lot of things…but certainly the power of thirty dollars. Thirty dollars changed her life. It's something beautiful.




Meet Abraham

A few short years ago, all Abraham had to his name was a button-down shirt and a pair of trousers. With a small loan from The Reckoning, he purchased a few simple hand tools and some raw material and began building furniture. He sold his furniture, quickly repaid his loan, and borrowed again to grow his shop.

Abraham now runs a thriving business, is one of our Kenyan Board Members, and is spearheading our biomass fuel project.




Meet George

George lives in a part of Kenya where life can be difficult. It’s additionally difficult for George… because he doesn’t have working legs. George gets around on a tricycle that he pedals with his hands. Because of his unique form of transportation, he has become quite skilled at repairing and maintaining bikes. It’s an issue of survival.

With a small loan and some business training from The Reckoning, George has been able to start a small roadside repair business. Flat tires? Bent rims? Broken chains? New brakes? George is your man. He is now providing for himself and his family. His children are getting an education… and thriving. It’s a beautiful thing.





Meet Boniface

Boniface runs a small poultry business in Western Kenya. Before he worked with The Reckoning, his business was struggling to survive and taking care of his family was a daily challenge. Boniface received wise business counsel, training, and a small loan. His business is now profitable, he supplies poultry to seven local restaurants, and has repaid his loan in full.




Meet Inavonga

After her husband died, Inavonga struggled desperately to provide for herself and her children. Food, water, shelter, and clothing were her primary concerns. After receiving a small loan from The Reckoning, Inavonga was able to start a small used clothing business. She has moved from poverty to sustainability. Her children are now in school and the future is looking bright.

“The empowering opportunities and training that the Reckoning provides is exactly what can enable millions in the developing world to emerge from poverty with confidence and skill. I believe that the Reckoning has identified, and is effectively using, keys that will unlock the potential of the forgotten, releasing hope and a future that will transform families, villages, and people groups around the globe.”

Matt Peterson, Director, ZAO