SIX things about The Reckoning


1. The Reckoning International is an international development organization. We mobilize people and resources to transform the lives of families living in poverty. We work create durable solutions to poverty and under-development where they are needed most. Our vision: A world in which all people live in a cycle of generosity fueled by God’s love.

2. We are careful stewards. Simply put, you can trust us. We work hard to raise all of our administrative funds privately and specifically. Any NGO or NPO that uses 20% or less of every dollar from donations for their program services is following a best practice. But, since we raise all of our administrative funds designated for those purposes - %100 of your gift goes directly where you aim it.

3. We are faith-based. We are motivated by our conviction that there is a loving God who created all people. He loves all of us equally. True faith that pleases God the Father is demonstrated by caring for widows and orphans in their distress and refusing to be corrupted by negativity in the world. We try hard to follow Jesus Christ’s example of lovingly helping others without being judgmental or exclusive. We are secure in our faith and enjoy talking about it, but we do not feel any need to force it on anyone or to use it as a condition for our love.

4. We are not in the lending business even though we make loans. Lending money won’t change people. Having more money will not make people happier or produce better lives. We are in the life transformation business. Social scientists all over the world have recognized that people need “spiritual capital” as well as financial capital. This can be defined as: the effects of knowing God and spiritual principles that have a measurable impact on individuals, communities and societies. Principles like showing integrity, being accountable and honest, offering hope, being loyal and trustworthy, loving and encouraging others, exhibiting good stewardship, being fair, creating order and serving others, create observable advantages and develop people.

5. We don’t have all the answers. In fact, we have found that solutions to poverty are found among the poor. Our partners have always come up with the best ideas. Humility is the best posture for serving and for learning. We always partner with local people living in the communities where we work. It is fun to back other organizations, share resources, knowledge and ideas.

6. You can help us! You can make a difference and enter the generosity cycle. It does not matter how old you are, how busy you are, or even if you feel that you do not have much to offer. Your encouragement, support, and friendship help us to accomplish all that we do and introduce us to others. Even simply clicking “Like” on our Facebook Page is an act of generosity and support!

Having more money will not make people happier or produce better lives.

We are in the life transformation business.