Our Team


Executive Board of The Reckoning International


Tim Troyer

Founder and Executive Director

The son of American linguists working with Summer Institute of Linguistics in the Philippines and Nepal, Tim lived abroad for most of his childhood and saw the needs and suffering of the poor. 

Tim has spent his whole adult life as a leader in his community, the church, and business. He is the owner of Executive Momentum Coaching & Consulting and works internationally as an executive business coach.


Lee Shaw

Lee is one of the founding members of TRI and has served on its board for more than ten years. He has traveled to Africa to assist in training interrelated Biblical and business principles to clients in Kenya. He is the Director of Sales at ProVia Door in Sugarcreek, Ohio. 

Lee’s young family was involved in one of TRI’s first projects, raising money to buy the freedom of slaves in Nepal. “I was sold,” he writes, “after watching my three boys get excited about the project, pull money out of their piggy banks, and celebrate when we heard reports of how many people were freed by money we had raised.”


Brian Coblentz

Brian is the treasurer for The Reckoning International. He lives in Millersburg, Ohio, and owns an oil and gas company. A gifted businessman, he has done training in several developing countries.

With a heart for training and helping others, Brian is involved with TRI specifically because of his strong belief that helping the poor is done best through helping individuals create their own sustainable, durable solutions.


Jason Rovenstine · TRI Board Member Emeritus

Jason is a publisher who, like Tim, also grew up overseas and has traveled extensively in areas of the world with great poverty and suffering. He has done training with TRI’s partners in Uganda and Kenya, helping them adopt good business practices that not only honor God, but also are very beneficial to their businesses and well-being. At home, he recruits “like-minded friends who want to make a difference in the world but just don’t yet know how easy that is through TRI.”

“There are many great organizations doing wonderful things among the poor. Most are meeting a temporary need. I am engaged with TRI because I know that what I do and give now will produce tangible results 5 and 10 years from now. My kids and grandkids will have success stories to tell about what I did with TRI today.”


Naomi Gingerich · TRI Board Member Emeritus

Naomi Gingerich lives in North Carolina with her husband, three children, and a Golden Retriever. She is a college student, pursuing a degree in English Literature and Non- Profit Management, while working as a medical transcriptionist for the Epilepsy Institute of North Carolina.

Naomi has a heart for people, especially women trapped in poverty. She helped to spearhead projects in Latin America and El Salvador for widows and orphans.



"Our vision is a world in which all people live in a cycle of generosity fueled by God's love."

Tim Troyer
TRI Founder and Executive Director