The Generosity CycleTM





The Generosity CycleTM is Changing the World

1. It is our belief that development is a cycle that begins with GENEROSITY motivated by God’s love for all people

2. True generosity contributes to the success of people in NEED.

3. Thereby creating OPPORTUNITIES to work, grow, and thrive.

4. This opportunity to work empowers the poor to become SELF-SUSTAINING.

5. However, development is not complete until they also are GENEROUS TO OTHERS.

“Traditional generosity is deceptively short-sighted. It’s a superficially good feeling to reach down and ‘help’ someone in great need. Real generosity comes at a great cost for the giver, but reaps a sure and long-standing return. TRI has a unique approach that produce results by viewing the poor as partners in their own development. It’s a model that is messy, hard work, and slow. But it works. Generosity, the right way, works.”

Jason Rovenstine
TRI Board Member Emeritus




TRI Vision: A world in which all people live in a cycle of generosity fueled by God’s love.



We’ve discovered that solutions to poverty are found among the poor themselves.