An ideal mode of transportation

Needless to say, transportation options are very limited among the poor. Most people walk great distances. Some have bicycles; very few have cars. In the developing world where roads are limited, small motorcycles are an ideal mode of transportation. They work well on and off road and are relatively inexpensive, fuel efficient, and easy to maintain.

The motorcycles also work well as taxis. In a continued effort to alleviate poverty through business, The Reckoning commissioned two motorcycle taxis in 2008. We now maintain a small fleet of about 20 motorbikes (boda-bodas) in Kenya, Uganda, and Burundi, and our drivers have new hope for a sustainable livelihood.

Here’s how it works. The Reckoning owns and insures the motorcycles. Each rider is responsible for generating business, collecting fare, and minor maintenance. At the end of every day, each rider pays The Reckoning a small fee and keeps all additional profits. If a rider is faithful for two years, the motorbike is his to keep. This provides great incentive to maintain the bike. All of The Reckoning boda-boda riders also receive health insurance for themselves and their families.

The riders and their families have taken ownership of their lives and pulled themselves out of poverty. Our model has become so successful and profitable that other boda-boda riders are consistently approaching The Reckoning, inquiring if we need more riders.

The fee paid to The Reckoning covers the cost of the motorbike and creates additional capital for the general loan fund. After a driver has worked for six months, a percentage of that fee is used to launch another small business of his choosing.

We have also worked with municipality police in providing safety and best practice training for larger groups of motorbike riders.

The boda-boda project is another great example of The Reckoning's approach to economic development and the results that are empowering, sustainable, and working. The poor are looking for opportunities to work, grow, invent, and thrive. Our donors are helping to create those opportunities.

motorcycle taxis
Motorcycle taxis provide access to transportation that is affordable and convenient for the poor.


TRI cycle taxi drivers are riding on a new hope for a sustainable livelihood.


The boda-boda project offers faithful and responsible drivers an opportunity to own their own business.


One successful business can create another. Taxi drivers' success generates support for launching other small businesses.