TRI Projects

Bamba Forge

What is Bamba Forge?

Bamba Forge is a unique combination between Tim’s passion for knife making and his heart to see people in underdeveloped countries live up to their full potential and step out of poverty. Part of them living to their full potential involves learning the skills necessary to develop into intelligent and productive adults—this is where knife making comes into play.

The Reckoning International partners with to help sell the hand made knives from Uganda. Since these knives are not made in the U.S the stock can vary. To purchase one of these exclusive knives, click here to visit their shop page!

Bamba Forge is also connected with Sugarcreek Forge. To view more pictures or stay up-to-date on the latest with Bamba knives, follow us on Facebook!


Agricultural Trainings & Development

Melissa Herman has been a part of the TRI team for a number of years. She has devoted her time to live in Kenya and hold trainings on agricultural development. This has allowed the poor to find solutions to help them in their times of poverty.

Lending Circles/Mirco Blending

Providing opportunities to thrive and grow

Micro-lending is the mainstay of The Reckoning’s work. Rather than hand- outs, which only enable the cycle of poverty, we provide opportunities. It’s the opportunity to work, grow, invent and thrive that the poor are looking for. We provide the opportunity for them to take ownership of their own lives and to become self-supporting.

Starting your own business is difficult in any part of the world, and particularly so in areas where access to education is limited and difficult to obtain. Traditional banks will usually not work with the poor, the illiterate, and those with no collateral. Access to the capital needed to start a business is virtually non-existent.

Simple financial products

We lend one lump sum of money to a small group of entrepreneurs. Although individually they have different businesses and receive varied percentages of that sum, they are responsible as a group for the repayment of the loan.

This structure provides a great atmosphere of team work, creativity, encouragement, and accountability. Each member of the group has a vested interest in the success of the others in the group. If someone’s business is struggling, the other members have a financial incentive to help that venture succeed. Individual success is tied to the success of the others in the circle.

Capacity Building Initiatives

Capacity Building Projects are designed to help strengthen and develop new skills. Some of the projects include: Beekeeping Biomass Fuel Brick Making Business Training Credit Unions Cyber Cafe Fish Farming Motorcycle Taxis Waste Management Sawmill Project



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