John Wigger Project

John Wigger

While filming the “Forged in Fire” episode, John made a new friend with fellow contestant Tim Troyer and learned about Tim’s work with non-profit The Reckoning International in Uganda. The Reckoning International works to help those in poverty to find real solutions to their poverty. They work to provide necessary training and tools so that the people are empowered, sustained, and that they become self-supporting and generous to others. In particular, The Reckoning International works with people at the Bamba Forge in Uganda to teach them how to blacksmith and create knives, which happens to be something John knows a thing or two about! John hopes to join The Reckoning International team and travel to Uganda to work with the blacksmiths there and help with this mission. Before the trip, it is John’s goal to raise as much money as possible. He’d love to bring the people some new blacksmith tools, maybe even a power hammer! $50,000 is the current goal. For more information about John, visit

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