Mission 4 Character

Mission 4 Character is our life changing project that aims at developing excellent leaders, parents, spouses, community members and individuals. Mission 4 Leadership is the principle based program which is used in group settings to build character in community. Ethics 1st is our manual that guides the group through 40 principles to transform their lives.

We use a format called “Round Table” in which participants share equally, with no judgement, discussing the principles given in the Ethics 1st book.

We have people learning these amazing principles in Uganda and Kenya. Communities, schools, families and people are being transformed through the principles and the process of M4C.

Mission 4 Character Moment

In Malaba, Uganda at Tabernacle of Life, we have been sharing with the ladies about the principles, since December 2018.

These ladies are so hungry for the principles some of the ladies after our first encounter started up small businesses like selling of Tomatoes, Cabbages, Silver fish and many other vegetables.

Our M4C Transformation Specialists, Peruth and Olive encouraged them to keep pressing and studying the principles because these principles are the true voice of conscience that acts as a lamp to our feet.

There were lots of stories of transformation and growth in the areas of forgiveness, parenting and other areas. One lady testified that from the time she started studying the principles her relationship with her children has tremendously improved. Only God Can do this!

The pastor testified that since we visited them last year he has noticed a great change and commitment in the lives of the ladies. This is what it means to plant hope one principle at a time.

Another Mission 4 Character Moment

From Olive, one of our M4C Transformation Specialists in Uganda:

“This week we again went to Tororo Parent’s Girls school aka Top Girls, where we meet with the students of S.2 class. A class of 80 students. At first when we got there the students didn’t think our meeting was important. Many told us how they wanted to go and wash their uniforms for the next day, Others said since we went in the evening they were simply tired and wanted to go to their dormitories and take a nap.

It wasn’t until we started talking that they started to think this talk was really necessary. When Okiru Booker Tim told them about the virus and how it corrupts our character their eyes were all wide open. They began to pay attention, those who were talking stopped and began to listen. One girl wrote a note to us saying, ” i thought viruses were only in computers but what you have shared with us today has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. i will start being more conscious of what i do, say and whoever i associate with. As you may realize that is transformation right there. The doors have already been opened.

When it was my turn to talk they all looked at me with lots of eagerness like they wanted more of what we had to say. I shared with them on why Character is important in each one’s life. One of the girls wrote a note to me saying, “Madam Olive how can I avoid people with bad Character and How can i make things right with those i have hurt with my bad manners”.

For me this was a break through. what seemed complicated in the begin the Lord had softened it. And the students were now listening not only with their ears and eyes but with their hearts.

Now it was mama Macho Peruth‘s turn to talk and you could see that they are all caught up in the web ready to listen and to learn it was wonderful. the notes with Questions were just too many. We had to make an appointment with the school for a day to come and answer all these questions and so we can also have private discussions with those who had personal concerns. I am being blessed.”

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