The Reckoning International

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Christ-centered community development

The Reckoning International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Sugarcreek, OH, USA, with ongoing work in Kenya and Uganda. Through initiatives in agriculture, business, capacity building, and character development, we partner with the poor to bring about community transformation. 

The Reckoning's mission is to mobilize people and resources to transform the lives of people living in poverty.

We are movement of ordinary people choosing a new way of life according to God’s Kingdom. It is our core belief that every person has been uniquely gifted by God with skills and resources, and that consequently poverty is overcome with opportunity and the inward transformation of a person’s thinking. While a person’s transformation belongs to them and God alone, The Reckoning International positions and equips coaches to help people unlock their potential through training and empowerment initiatives.

The Reckoning’s vision is a world in which all people live in a cycle of generosity fueled by God’s love.

While most people believe poverty alleviation begins with need, The Reckoning believes it begins with Generosity. Through generosity, we see what we have been freely given by God and look towards the needs of those around us. When Need is looked at through the eyes of Generosity, people are set free from a mindset of poverty. This lays the foundation for Opportunity. Through teaching, coaching, and empowerment, people are equipped to manage their resources and find solutions together. With maturity comes Sustainability.

Though many people view Sustainability as the end goal, Reckoning believes the end goal is Generosity again. Living in a cycle of generosity means that a community lives in God’s Abundance and is motivated by His love to again look towards the needs of others.

The Reckoning firmly believes that the solutions to poverty are found amongst the poor.

Community engagement is always something we do WITH the community, not something we do TO the community. Rather than the traditional paradigm of providing resources and opportunities from “outside” the community, The Reckoning believes in unlocking the resources already in the community. It then becomes a partnership of discovering the potential that is already there. 

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