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Our story

Founding The Reckoning International

Our founding director, Tim Troyer, grew up the son of overseas missionaries. Young Tim was scarcely old enough to read when he witnessed a scene that would shape the passions of life. He remembers watching a woman in a crowded marketplace in Nepal. Two small, crying children with her had the distended bellies of malnourishment. The woman carefully picked through piles of cow dung in the street, searching for undigested kernels of corn which she collected and dropped into the tin can she carried.

Something happened inside the small boy. It was unbelievable to him that others in the market passed the woman by, ignoring her plight. He’d seen many other scenes of poverty, and even as a child, he questioned why no one was doing anything to help people in such desperate need. He wanted to be a part of changing those scenes.

That concern for the poor of the world never left Tim, and years later, as an adult, he returned to Nepal with a group of people from his congregation. He saw the same desperate conditions that he remembered from his childhood, and he recognized that people caught in poverty need more than a handout to get them through one day.

The underprivileged need opportunity. Like-minded people joined Tim in a quest to find ways to break the cycle of poverty. Their energy and compassion grew into The Reckoning International, a faith-based organization that today partners with needy people in developing countries to find opportunities that will bring sustainable change to lives and communities.

Our Name

Our name comes from The Parable of the Talents found in Matthew 25:14–30. Jesus tells of a story where a master entrusts money to several servants. Each servant handles the money differently, in many cases multiplying the resources by wise investment. This is what is asked of us: not just with our finances, but with our skills and love. It was given to us, what we have, and we are to make the most of it. We believe this as an organization, as donors and we want the same from the people we are helping to empower.

Verse 19, in the King James Version, says: “After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them.” This is where we derive our name: The Reckoning International.

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