The Reckoning International

TEN Talents Project

What We Do

Faithful Servants

Based on Jesus’ parable of the man who gave his servants “talents” or resources to manage while he was away on a journey, The Reckoning’s TENTalents Project offers churches and other organizations an opportunity to take a small amount entrusted to them and multiply that amount for the benefit of others.

Invite us to your group’s gather, and we will explain our vision to change the lives of people in poverty and invite you to join us. The model for the project is much like TRI’s lending circles: those committed to the TENTalents project are arranged into teams, and each team is given training and entrusted with $75.

What's Involved

Your team will have three months to use members’ ingenuity, giftedness, and talents to develop small business projects and multiply your $75.

In a TENTalents Project completed in the spring of 2011, eleven teams in one church were loaned a total of $825. In three months, that money grew into $14,278 that will be used to change the lives of people living in poverty.

Groups wishing to learn more about or participate in a TENTalents Project can contact The Reckoning International through our contact form.